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"I know exactly why bullying in schools is so rampant today - So much more today compared to the past - and I know what can be done to effectively diminish, if not completely stop it."
                                                                                        Cary Trivanovich

Three Intertwining Reasons Why Bullying in Schools
Happens So Much More Now As Compared to the Past.
by Cary Trivanovich

The following are the bottom-line, foundational reasons for bullying in schools today, simply and succinctly stated as a result of this school speaker's discussions about bullying at thousands of schools throughout the United States, with school principals, counselors, teachers, parents, student leaders, and even bullies themselves, as well as with professional psychologists and church leaders nationwide, and then comparing all of that with what has been written and discussed about bullying along the way.

1.  Parental-Instilled Ethics Are Being Replaced with A Degenerate World-View, resulting in so much more bullying in schools today as compared to the past.  Rather than being mentored from parents about virtue and the preciousness of life, many young teens today glean their view of life from degenerate adolescents at school, or online - some whom they have never actually met.  This is an epidemic that snowballs as vile behavior breeds vile behavior, as the propaganda of pursuing self replaces pursuing God, and as violence permeates entertainment.  Such views about life are foundational for why bullying in schools is so rampant today, and even more amplified as the two following reasons come into play.
2.  Self-Centeredness is the primary reason we see so much bullying in schools today.  Self-centeredness is a direct result of growing up without being taught to respect other's feelings or lives.  Left to self while growing up, self becomes all that matters, even to the point of demeaning others for entertainment.  And there you have it: Hurting, or "bullying" someone in school or online whom they see as less important than him or herself, or whom they see as not deserving of happiness, can be a source of entertainment for the bully.  The bully is callous to the feelings of others as he or she is simply putting an exclamation point on the gratification of self.  
3.  A Troubled Life is the third reason why we see so much bullying in schools today.  It is the most publicized cause for bullying in the news media, mainly because it often ends in tragedy.  Such kids grow up in a home environment where love is absent and meanness abounds.  Others try to endure relentless bullying themselves at school.  A young teen can only take so much hurt until they express their pain in the most natural way: by causing hurt to others, if not themselves.

Solutions to Stop Bullying in Schools
The Top Five Strategies in Schools Across America

1.  A School/Community-Wide Anti-Bullying Policy
An Anti-Bullying Policy is simply a document that clearly defines what bullying is, what staff and students need to do when in the presence of bullying, and what the consequences are for such actions.  The policy is stressed as mandatory for all to know - students, staff (even support staff, i.e., bus drivers, cafeteria workers, etc.) and parents.
2.  Education Support Professionals (ESP) Helping Students
One of the most important and effective solutions to help bullied victims in schools is to have ESP's who are committed and trained both to intervene in problems with bullying and to be visible "go-to-adults" at school with whom students can confide.  Statistics show that most victims of school bullying never tell an adult.  Having such specified go-to-adults for the students have proven to be a vital solution for many schools.
3.  An Effective Anti-Bullying School Assembly Program
Individuals who can connect with students from the stage, and who have an effective message about the hurt that bullying causes, are an invaluable asset to eradicate bullying in schools.  Many good school speakers deliver a powerful message that will literally change the climate of a school within a 45 minute assembly, and you can find such speakers for elementary, middle and high school levels alike.
4.  Online Reporting
A popular strategy for schools nationwide to aide students who would normally be afraid to tell an adult about their witnessing bullying, is to have a bully-hotline, so to speak, which serves as a confidential means to report bullying without leaving their name and becoming a "snitch."  Many schools set up a drop-box in the main office for such a purpose.  However, with the internet and cell phones now so accessible to students, having an online "Facebook" style message board, or a specified "Bully Report" number for texting, are methods which are rising in popularity nationwide. 
5.  Student Education for Bullying Intervention
The value of having a large number of students at school be bully-police is unprecedented.  Students can learn how to be "upstanders" as peers who intervene when witnessing bullying.  Such a school-wide program defuses bullies who commit such actions just to gain attention and popularity.  There are many such bullying prevention/intervention education programs available.
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School and Conference Speaker

Cary Trivanovich has been speaking on Bullying in schools since the 80's - since long before bullying in schools became such a topic of national concern.  He began presenting in schools as a teen, fresh out of high school, but as a comedic performer only.  His success with teen and tween audiences was instant, and it became apparent that he could use his talent to deliver a message in schools to help hurting kids.  Because of his passion to help those who have been targeted by the "mean kids" at school, Cary's message on bullying was born.  Now, using his performance to earn pin-drop respect in school assemblies, Cary is able to speak candidly with students across America with his "Choose Character Over Bullying" message.

Check out America's first anti-bullying school speaker, whom one principal said "distances himself from the pack of anti-bullying 'salesmen' who are everywhere."
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"That was THE best anti bullying assembly I have ever seen.  I have seen at least 20 assembly programs on bullying and that was absolutely the best."
Steve Kessler, Principal,
Horace Mann School (K-8), Beverly Hills, CA



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